Posted by Lincoln Winzerling on May 06 2019 at 11:11AM PDT in 2019

Thank you to the parents who stepped up to volunteer this weekend!

Vela Novice Lacrosse Team Parent Volunteer Schedule 2019
**If for any reason you cannot so the assigned date and job please let me know so I can swap you with another family. Sarah Text 250 882 6834 or email I will provide a link to online tutorials for Timekeeper and Scorekeeper but it’s not hard and there are many parents who can show you how it’s done as well!

Please see the attached file.

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2019-05-06T14:22:45.000-07:00May 06 2019, at 02:22 PM PDT, Chase Dixon-Liddle said:

Hi Sarah,

Chase Dixon-Liddle did snack on May 4th, and I noticed that you and Lincoln are scheduled for May 29th and June 8th. We will be willing to take another day. Let me know which you wish to swap out of.