Important Changes coming in 2019 for Tyke and Novice Lacrosse on Vancouver Island

Posted by Victoria Esquimalt Lacrosse Association on Jan 24 2019 at 10:32AM PST in 2018

The VIMLC has passed 3 main rule changes for the the 2019 Lacrosse season.

1. Tyke moving to 3v3 cross court format
2. Novice tiering has been removed (No more A and B divisions)
3. Novice will no longer be “full contact” and instead “place and push” like tyke.

See attached letter from the VIMLC chair with the full details on the changes for 2019.

The document Rule_Changes_in_Tyke_and_Novice_Divisions_for_2019_Season.pdf was attached to this post.